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Bradul Măneciu – furniture built with passion and craftsmanship

Bradul Măneciu brings color, texture and design which complement any room. The company was born out of the desire to offer comfort and personality to any room, combining different shades and shapes which outline exceptional furniture. Either elegant, minimalist or bold, at Bradul Măneciu you will find the proper pieces of furniture needed to define the style you want.


Classic or modern, Bradul Măneciu’s furniture is remarkable through its distinctive upholstery and solid wood pieces defined by mastery, quality and aesthetic sense.


The company comes into prominence on the market through a range of products built with talent and skill. Personalized furniture pieces fit into residential spaces, offices or HORECA spaces (Bars, Cafes, Restaurants or Hotels). Bradul Măneciu presents and delivers to customers a variety of professionally finished sofa models with special upholstery, armchairs and chairs, solid wood tables and desks.