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We invite you to discover BRADUL MANECIU’s furniture, special collections of upholstered furniture: sofas, chairs, armchairs, as well as solid wood furniture tables and small furniture. The restaurant, bar or hotel (HORECA) furniture represents a selected collection of furniture pieces that can be customized with different colors, fabrics, etc.


Bradul Măneciu couches are always the point of attraction of any room. These are distinguished by the unique upholstery and shapes adapted to the classic or contemporary style, managing to combine comfort with a remarkable design.

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If you look for chairs for the dining area, office, conference room, bar, with arms or without, at Bradul Măneciu you can find any model. Neutral or bold colors, classic or modern design and special fabrics make these pieces of furniture fit perfectly into the space that you want.

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Elegance, style, comfort and particular details - these are just some of the qualities that define the seats from Bradul Măneciu. By choosing them, you can be sure that you place your mark in your office, living room or in the HORECA space you want to furnish.

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Bradul Măneciu tables are made of various materials, as well as massive wood, and are spectacular because of their details which show quality, durability and especially style.

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Business furniture

Hotels, restaurants, bars or cafes attract and reward customers through their design. Thus, Bradul Măneciu takes care that your space is furnished only with select and customized furniture pieces which convey the peculiarity of your business.

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Small furniture

Because the beauty lays in details, the small pieces of furniture from Bradul Măneciu can help you emphasize your personal style. The different stool models can become the "je ne sais quoi" in your room, which brings an air of elegance and harmony.

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Wood materials

Bradul Măneciu provides carpenters with various materials that are necessary for the art of woodworking. For the execution of your projects, we offer products such as: timber (resinous wood beech, steamed beech, various essences), logs (fir, beech) and firewood.

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Bradul Măneciu furniture has placed its mark on various places and locations. The guarantee of quality and refinement are proven and supported through partnerships and projects.

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